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private_channel $wApy's Home
Channel Gaming Bereich
Client microphone muted Basti
private_channel ARK
private_channel Bewerbung
Channel [spacer4]___
Channel Willkommen bei
Channel [spacer10]___
٠ Gesprächsrunde ٠
Channel Tisch 1
Channel Tisch 2
Channel Tisch 3
Channel Tisch 4
Channel Tisch 5
Channel Tisch 6
Channel Tisch 7
Channel Tisch 8
Channel Tisch 9
Channel Tisch 10
Client BoBo
Client is talking Billisaki ich war mal dort
Client Der Boss wer sonst
Client hdgxxfjh
Client Jan
Client headset muted Maxim
Client Narrenkaiser
Client OwO Weeb Shit UwU
Client Selder
Channel [spacer33]___
Channel >>DISCORD
Channel 7 Days To Die
Channel [spacer3]___
٠ Private Channel ٠
private_channel Ersatz Tisch 1
Channel [spacer111]___
Channel [spacer1]___
Channel [spacer2]___
Channel [spacer5]___
Channel [spacer6]___
٠ AFK Bereich ٠
Channel Kurz AFK
Channel Lange AFK
Channel Anstupsbar
Channel Untätig | gemoved durch Bot (>2h)
Channel Discord
Port: 9987
Version: 3.3.0 [Build: 1533053401]
Server OS: Windows
Channels: 37
Clients: 11/510
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