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private_channel $wApy's Home
Channel Gaming Bereich
private_channel ARK
private_channel Bewerbung
Channel [spacer4]___
Channel Willkommen bei
Channel [spacer10]___
٠ Gesprächsrunde ٠
Channel Tisch 1
Client headset muted Walter White
Client microphone muted Billisaki ich war mal dort
Client headset muted Narrenkaiser
Channel Tisch 2
Channel Tisch 3
Channel Tisch 4
Channel Tisch 5
Channel Tisch 6
Channel Tisch 7
Channel Tisch 8
Channel Tisch 9
Client Der Boss wer sonst
Client DerDawid
Client is talking N4chtEule
Client headset muted stenzel
Channel Tisch 10
Client JMB
Client is talking Max_Hei
Client Maxim
Client Nico
Client headset muted rex
Client Tija_fighter
Channel [spacer33]___
Channel >>DISCORD
Channel LS 19 Farming Server
Channel [spacer3]___
٠ Private Channel ٠
private_channel Tisch 11
Channel [spacer111]___
Channel [spacer1]___
Channel [spacer2]___
Channel [spacer5]___
Channel [spacer6]___
٠ AFK Bereich ٠
Channel Kurz AFK
Channel Lange AFK
Channel Anstupsbar
Channel Untätig | gemoved durch Bot (>2h)
Channel Discord
Port: 9987
Version: 3.3.0 [Build: 1533053401]
Server OS: Windows
Channels: 37
Clients: 14/510
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